No one could ever have imagined that the industry I had worked in, for a very long time, would suddenly come to a complete standstill.  Covid arrived and we all went into lockdown and overnight events just stopped.

With time on my hands, like alot of people, I decided to find something to do to keep busy.  I signed up for NHS Volunteer Responders and also joined Furlonteer – a non-profit project set up during the pandemic to connect charities and good causes with skilled and willing people.  I had also, earlier in the year, signed up with Tandridge Voluntary Action.

Through Furlonteer I was matched with Jags Foundation, a charity delivering co-educational and life skills training for young people in local  communities and helped them with their website and some social media.

Through Helpfulpeeps I was connected with Jovita, an amazing lady, who had come up with a great idea – Date2Donate.  Date2Donate is a new social enterprise that is launching to organise ethical singles events where all the profits made from membership and ticket fees goes straight to charity and it offers a new and fun way of raising funds for charities – enabling people to find love while spreading love.

I was then approached by Tandridge Voluntary Action about becoming a trustee for The Woodhouse Centre,   With seven new trustees I have started a journey to help build and strengthen the Centre and looking forward to helping them to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Through adversary and completely unprecedented times I have found new opportunities to use my skills and develop new ones and to help charities and along the way made some new friends!

“Hopefully things are starting to get back to some sort of normal and I can’t wait for real events to return but I will also continue my involvement with the charities and highly recommend it to people to get involved.”