So today I went to my first ‘real’ live business event in a very long time and it was so good to be back! A seminar put on by Cvent on “The Hybrid Dilemma”.  There were a number of interesting discussions looking at how hybrid events will become the ‘norm’ with people expecting the choice to attend either in person or virtually.  One speaker explained that technically hybrid events have run for years as the Olympics and other sporting events have always happened live events with spectators whilst being streamed ‘virtually’.

The best feeling of being back at an event was the opportunity to network and the renewed feeling of engagement – people really wanting to talk to each other.  Sitting with like minded delegates at a networking lunch again was great although everyone is really looking forward to a full on drinks reception!

Wearing a mask is still strange and makes you realise how difficult it is to engage with other people when you can’t see their reactions.  We all received novel clear plastic masks which meant you could see faces… until the masks steamed up!

After our industry has been at a standstill for so long, I am so happy to once again feel the bubble of excitement, meeting new contacts, bumping into old colleagues, listening to speakers without being distracted by emails flying in, laughing and clapping as part of a crowd and experiencing business in the greatest industry in the world – EVENTS.

Now I can’t wait for my first exhibition since the pandemic hit in these strange times; International Confex, and soon I’ll even be putting on my own event – a celebration for my mum and dad’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary. A great reason to host another live event!